Purty Pictures

Warning - sunset and sunrise pictures.  Posted here are some of the pictures taken since our arrival, and there are many more.  I think there are a few good ones in here and they were taken either with the digital camera or I-Phone.  They are of a variety of subjects and there is no shortage of subjects here.  Like I said before, I even take photos in the grocery store!

On the way to Sydney at dawn.

Commonwealth Bridge looking
north to downtown Canberra.

In the Olgas, Northern Territory.  I think this one was taken by my friend
Mrs. Danielle Malek Roosa.

The Olgas at sunset, NT.

On the road to Bungendore, east of Canberra.

Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, at dusk.

North Head, entrance to Sydney Harbor

Outback sunset, the Olgas, NT

Sunrise on the way to Sydney

Peter Crisp Studio - garden - Yass

Peter Crisp is THE most prominent glass artrist in Australia -
his works are given as gifts to visiting Chiefs of State.
We could only afford some small glass plates.

Peter Crisp Studio - garden and glass sculpture - Yass

National Museum, Canberra

A little closer view of the a piece of sculpture at the National Museum
meant to represent the path of Australian history - albeit under maintenance.

Balloon, 15th Anniversary,
2010, Canberra

Balloon, 15th Anniversary,
2010, Canberra

Balloon, 15th Anniversary,
2010, Canberra

War Memorial, ANZAC Day, Canberra

Their Name Liveth For Evermore,
ANZAC Day, Canberra 2010

Wall of Remembrance, War Memorial,
Canberra, ANZAC Day, 2010

Their Name Liveth For Evermore II,
War Memorial, Canberra,
ANZAC Day, 2010

Before the ceremony, War Memorial,
Canberra, ANZAC Day, 2010

Before the ceremony II

Free at last, the Olgas, NT


Rose in the neighborhood

Uluru, NT

The Olgas, NT

Canberra Dawn 2010

Balloons at Dawn, Lake Burley Griffin,
Canberra, 2010

Stringybark at Dawn

Close call in the back yard

Street, National Folk Festival,
Canberra, 2010

And as edited by my friend Christopher Roosa

Deep Space Complex,

Kismet Cave Painting

Mount Roland, outside Sheffield, Tasmania.

I can't believe I took this from a moving vehicle.

Especially with Debbie driving.

Lake St. Clair, central Tasmania.  I had to walk through the woods to get this one.

I challenge anyone to tell me Tasmania isn't one of the most beautiful places on earth.